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Expiration Date Management Software

Stop expired products before they happen

Date Check Pro arms retailers with complete control over expiring products; driving efficiency, ensuring the freshest shopping experience possible, and turning prior loss into revenue.

Learn How to Stop Wasting Money on Expiration Date Management AND Deliver on Your Promise of Quality to Your Customers

Put an end to reactive, labor-heavy practices and reduce expired shrink by 44-69% by eliminating expired products from your stores' shelves.*

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Date Tracker

Don't just find expired products; prevent them

Expiration Date Management Software Date Tracker
  • Close-Dated Notifications

    Find, take action on, and sell products expiring soon.

  • Smart Markdowns

    Sell more and discount less with data-driven markdown decisions.

  • Guided Process

    Product images, aisle locations, and simple questions and prompts guide you every step of the way.

  • Mobile App

    Use our Apple & Android app or any device from the web.


Break down expired shrink in real time.

Expiration Date Management Software Reporting
  • Dashboard

    View savings, ROI, and other KPIs in one efficient view.

  • Top Expired

    Identify SKUs driving the highest levels of expired shrink.

  • User Performance

    Know the work is getting done accurately at all times.

  • Tax Deduction Tracking

    Start deducting cost + 50% of margin on all expired items with item level detail and documentation.

Full Service

Labor in short supply? We've got your back.

Expiration Date Management Software Full Service Description
  • Efficient

    45% higher average pace compared to store staff

  • Effective

    Higher annual shrink savings

  • Quality Ensured

    Performance monitored weekly by two layers of supervision

  • ROI

    Exact same average ROI as self-managed stores- 171%


87% Reduction in On-Shelf Expired Items

reduction in on-shelf expired items

171% Average ROI on Date Check Pro

average ROI

44-69% Reduction in Expired Shrink for Grocers

reduction in expired shrink

See what people are saying

Grocers of all sizes partner with Date Check Pro

"Where the program has exceeded our expectations has been its ability to identify product to be marked down that we can then still sell before we must discard. We are selling more product that otherwise would have been discarded."
Mike Olwig, VP of operations, Fox Bros Piggly Wiggly

Mike Olwig

Vice President of Operations, Fox Bros Piggly Wiggly

"Date Check Pro is not only a great partner in operations, but also a trusted consultant on our existing markdown and expired-item loss prevention strategies. They are genuine advocates for our business."
Matt Hillbrink, Sr. Director of Enterprise Risk & AP, Raley’s

Matt Hilbrink

Sr. Director of Enterprise Risk & AP, Raley's

"Date Check Pro works as a partner to help fulfill our promise to always provide the highest quality and freshest products to our customers. I highly recommend their full-service solution to make a meaningful improvement in your stores with an ROI to back it up."
Kevin Metcalfe, Co-Owner, Metcalfe’s Markets

Kevin Metcalfe

Co-Owner, Metcalfe's Markets

Metcalfe's Markets Partners with Date Check Pro

Metcalfe’s, an independent grocer based in Madison, WI, used Date Check Pro to drive expired shrink savings and improve food quality while leveraging our full-service team to overcome a labor shortage.

  • 164% ROI in year 1
  • 3:1 Shrink savings per $1 of labor
  • $30,124 annual shrink savings

30+ Grocers Trust Date Check Pro to Protect their Brands

Date Check Pro Solution Summary

Download this one page solution summary to learn more about Date Check Pro, and why retailers are highly recommending it.

Included in this one pager:

  • Key features
  • Customer quotes
  • Product Preview
expiration date management one pager image

Ready to level up your quality game and stop losing money to expired shrink?

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